And it is not merely policies specific to LGBTQ people that have been good for our community. The president’s tax cuts have benefited LGBTQ families and helped put food on their tables. His opportunity zones have helped create new LGBTQ founded small businesses.

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It wasn a perfect system. We still had to pause our long program at least twice to warm our hands enough so we could feel them. Our situation was not without problems, but I don think any situation ever is. When we defer and protract swift actions, that we deem necessary, upon solely those who are unjust and we become remiss or reluctant to act responsibly, and, by failure to do so, we proceed to engage in war, we fail. We fail as a nation, we fail as human beings. But, it is the sanctity of life we fail to uphold and defend, then disembowel and violate, when war is waged.

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