Perry said he’s training as a slot wide receiver because that’s where he feels most uncomfortable. He wants to be someone more versatile than that, a prospect just as capable as a running back or a returner. NFL officials don’t quite know what to make of him.

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As temperatures are dropping below zero, I am reminded of the cold days of the past. Without a doubt, one reason Minnesota was so successful in the 1970s was that it played home playoff games at Met Stadium in December and January. I went to many home playoff games as a child.

When it comes to the challenges posed by interstellar travel, there are no easy answers. The distances are immense, the amount of energy needed to make the journey is tremendous, and the time scales involved are (no pun!) astronomical. But what if there was a way to travel between stars using ships that take advantage of natural phenomena to reach relativistic velocities (a fraction of the speed of light)..

The speed of a running back and the skills of a topflight quarterback, Newton can run past defenders, overpower them and outfox them with shrewd passes. And unlike his stolid predecessors, Newton celebrates those big plays like he just hit the Powerball. Don think we seen a quarterback like Cam Newton, says Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, I don think we ever will again.

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