At Leoda Kitchen and Pie Shop, the from scratch menu features a delectable array of scratch made pies and what General Manager Rosie Robbins calls “glorified comfort food.” Take for example the fan and staff favorite seared ahi sandwich, which reads like the fancy tuna melt of dreams. Local sashimi grade ahi tuna is seared, sliced and layered onto house made rye bread with Jarlsberg cheese, caramelized Maui onions, local watercress, fresh avocado and pesto aioli, then grilled until the cheese is just melted. Order it with a side of earthy taro chips made from their own farm grown taro and be sure to save room for the Lilikoi Cheese Pie, a no bake cheese cake with a sweet cream cheese filling and sweet tart lilikoi (passionfruit) topping..

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