The new year is underway and if you don’t already have goals for your social media marketing for 2017, it’s time to make some. While drafting a game plan for your social media, it’s vital to have an idea of what you can expect based on last year’s trends so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some forecasts for what will be making a big impact this year.


  1. Live video content. Nearly half of marketers anticipate using live videos this year using sites such as Periscope and Facebook Live. The number of people using these features for live video last year were astounding: Periscope claims that users watched 110 years of live video every day on their app. How to use this to your advantage? Utilizing such live streaming potential through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is a great way to reach consumers, but you need to first think about which networks will best reach the clientele you want to attract. You can use live video to host info- or Q&A-sessions and ask viewers to leave comments and questions. You could even stream an entire video series live. You’ll definitely want to stay on top of the live video trend this year, especially if Facebook indeed rolls out its 360-degree video idea.
  2. Messaging apps. Millions of potential customers are utilizing Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and a host of other platforms to communicate, and businesses are as well. This medium provides for much faster customer service as opposed to calling or emailing your company. It is also much more cost-effective to interact with consumers this way. Businesses are already using messaging apps to communicate with clients 24/7 instantly.
  3. Doing sales with social media e-commerce. With so many consumers using social media anyway, businesses have found ways to get them to purchase products without having to leave Facebook or Snapchat. When you encourage online shoppers to simply look through the products you have to offer, you could be more effective even without an obvious call-to-action of some kind. Related to point 1 above, you could also do live demonstrations on social media. The more unique the demonstration, the more viewers you are likely to draw.
  4. Virtual reality. This burgeoning field of digital marketing looks to make a big splash in the year(s) to come. VR provides an immersive experience to visitors. Viewers can be transported anywhere and perceive your product in a new way. Nearly quarters of internet traffic will be made up of streaming video, and VR offers a unique opportunity for businesses to sell themselves.
  5. Ephemeral content. Snapchat pioneered “ephemeral content” which disappears soon after viewing, but it and Instagram also provide a niche for marketers to offer how-to-videos, interviews, demonstration, or announcements with a unique “human touch.” Those unpolished, unscripted videos connect with viewers in a way scripted material can’t by it’s nature.
  6. Instagram Stories. Instagram’s Stories feature was a huge hit last summer—reportedly having 100 million daily viewers just two months after its launch. This feature could signal the end of Snapchat as a way to share pictures and videos which disappear after 24 hours. Instagram also provides marketers with more in-depth means of measuring their success and ROI.
  7. More online competition. Advertisers are all competing for the same space on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram which brought in billions of dollars in revenue from mobile ads. All these platforms look to augment their systems this year, so marketers ought to experiment with different ones while creating engaging ads that won’t get lost in the shuffle or scroll.

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