So your digital marketing campaign is up and running, and you’re looking to perform an audit to evaluate whether your getting a return on your investment or not. What specific facets of your campaign should you dissect? Your campaign can be expansive, with a seemingly endless supply of data on its performance from a number of sources. How do you best evaluate if you’re doing well or underperforming?

Here are 8 metrics with which to gauge your digital campaign:

Keeping tabs on incoming traffic—the volume of web traffic to your website is an obvious yet still highly relevant piece of information regarding your site’s effectiveness. There are more ways to evaluate success of your pay-per-click, or PPC, campaigns than your organic or SEO work, but you should be able to measure both using data from Google Adwords to a degree. A solid campaign will see steady growth in the number of visitors per month; otherwise, you will need to look at each aspect of your site to determine which parts aren’t functioning as they should.

Who is coming to your site—relevance is key. Having a lot of visitors means nothing if nobody buys from you. Your PPC campaign will allow you to gauge which ads are the most effective and you can translate this data into any SEO campaign you may have. The right keyword or phrase can make all the difference to drive not just traffic, but the right traffic to you.

Return visitors—a repeat customer means someone found something on your site worth coming back for. This is a clear measure of how relevant your site is to your audience. Sites that have little to no return traffic need to rethink their design, relevance, content, keyword use, and overall sales strategy.

Where your visitors are from—with Google Analytics, you can determine which channels are performing for you: mobile, SEO/organic, social media, and externally. High placement in organic searches, high social traffic, and mobile visits will show how effective each channel is and which need to be re-tooled.

Click-through-rate (CTR)—the rate at which visitors turn your ad impression into a click says a lot about how relevant your ads are. Someone who clicks on your ad only does so because they believe you are offering something of meaning.

Conversion rate—like your CTR, the rate at which you “convert” a lead (whether this is a sale, filling out a form, or performing some other action) says a lot about how relevant and engaging your website and ads are.

Cost-per-click (CPC)—this metric is the best way of determining how your PPC campaign is helping or hurting your bottom line. A high CPC may mean you need to review your keywords and/or bids.
Cost-per-lead (CPL)—this is an even more detailed metric to use that essentially gives you how expensive it is to turn a visitor into a “buyer.” You will have to adjust your PPC campaign accordingly.

Your Digital Campaign’s Success Matters
If all these metrics have you overwhelmed, you aren’t alone. For this reason, many businesses entrust their digital campaigns to an outside agency that handles the entirety of their ad campaigns. This practice is becoming increasingly common as digital marketing becomes more complex and nuanced.

For help with your audit from an outside professional, just fill out a form and a trained marketing insider will get back to you!