The sad result of many digital campaign audits is finding that many are not performing optimally, which means businesses aren’t getting the return on their investment they’re looking for. How can businesses size up their own campaigns and get the most from them? Here are several ways to get that return on investment.

Be Prepared

While digital marketing is not a magical means of getting people to call your office, you need to make sure you have the infrastructure to handle the growth that comes with a profitable campaign. It would be a waste of your time and money to invest in digital marketing only to be unable to offer your services to the clientele you want. You need to have the right people in place to both give digital marketing the time it needs and the ability to handle the increase traffic.

Design your website with an eye towards marketing

Even before your website is live, you need to be thinking about how you want it to look vis-à-vis promoting your brand and image. While web developers can create a beautiful website, they are not marketers. How should your CTAs look? Are you considering the quality score of your landing pages if you are running paid ads? What you need to keep in mind is that many of these types of changes become much harder once your site is live.

Websites that Win

Once your site is built, you need to ensure it is doing all the things a good website does in terms of what it offers a visitor.

  • Are you properly displaying to consumers what you do or what you offer and why they should call you rather than your competitors?
  • Do you offer examples of the work you do in the form of pictures and videos on your site that are clearly visible?
  • Do you have a means of learning all you can about who is visiting your site and how they got there?
  • Does your site offer visitors clear and easy to use contact methods?

Keep these points in mind throughout the life of your website.

Don’t wait for visitors—compel them!

Keyword placement in your content is basic SEO. You need to include enough of those words and phrases you want to rank on search engines for without being guilty of “keyword stuffing,” which Google is opposed to. A large part of this effort involves researching which words and phrases are within your reach. This includes long-tail keywords. This is the difference between having “jacket” versus “leather jacket with pockets” on your site. Don’t pursue keywords you don’t care as much about.

You should furthermore keep a close watch on the mobile version of your website. Make sure it offers all the key information your desktop version offers and loads on a smartphone quickly so that visitors don’t lose interest and look elsewhere.

Remember Your “Other” Websites

Your social media serves as alternate websites in a way. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to attract consumers to your site. Not just by having a link to your site, but also by featuring photos, blogs, videos, and regular posts to garner interest and that you can share with followers. You can gain even more attention by having your followers share with their friends.

Are you taking advantage of all that digital marketing has to offer? Fill out a form and see where you could be doing better. Don’t let those advertising dollars go to waste!